Dr. Nse-Obong Blessing Undie is a Christian author and a musician. She writes and sings from her home in Abuja, Nigeria. More so, her love for writing started way back in the university as a medical student. Beside writing, Nse-Obong Blessing Undie has the gift of singing which help her to convert every pieces of writing around her to music. In addition, Nse-Obong Blessing Undie sings as one of the lead vocalist in her local church where she has composed several songs for the choir overtime.

Furthermore, her books and musics are all bathed by the Spirit of God and are life transforming materials to as many that come across them. Also, there a lots of testimonies flooding in each day from her followers.

One of her outstanding character is her love and passion for the things of God which she all of herself to. When you get closer to her, you will discover that at first.

NSE-OBONG has known and walked with God for over two decades. Her life has been punctuated by challenges and trial that she overcame with prayers.

She has witnessed many miracles and can testify that God answers prayers today.


Temptations are obscure things, otherwise no one will fall a victim. The Bible refers to satan as the deceiver (Rev. 12:9}, ane mother Eve was beguiled through his subtilty. (2 Cor. 11:3).

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